There are so many ways you can help children to code


How can you help?

There are no requirements to be a volunteer with us other than a strong desire to help children succeed in coding. Our volunteers have been male, female, new and seasoned professionals alike. We have had technology professionals as well as people outside of tech that have served .We are always open to suggestions of ways you can help. 

How much time do I need to put in?

You can help out for a couple of hours, whether they are weekly or monthly.

Do I need technical expertise?

It is OK to have no technical experience, or lots of experience, or anything in. All help is appreciated!

Volunteer highlight

Cristina Zenteno is a values-driven, socially-conscious, artist and system engineer on track to start a Master in Analytic at Georgia Tech.

She looks forward to giving back to the communities that have impacted her (Perú – USA – Cincinnati – Utah and counting), and is driven by core attributes that include tenacity, proactively, creativity, altruism and compassion in bringing solutions in all aspects of her life. This includes:

  • Volunteer work with American RedCross, PMI, Su Casa Hispanic Center and Save the Animal Foundation
  • Working to help increase diversity in technology for women in technology.

If there is a problem, she will find a way to come to a solution. She has an artistic eye in how she views the world.