partners:They have Passion to improve their Communities

Our Partners

Bountiful - Utah

“It  our mission  to relieve hunger and increase self-sufficiency of individuals in need living in Davis County, Utah through providing supplemental food, it’s first priority”.

Salt Lake City - Utah

“Our work is to support those partnerships by encouraging active communication, relationship building, resource sharing, and capacity building”.


“Our mission is  help severely impoverished small communities facilitate and develop the necessary skill sets to become economically self sustaining”.

Salt Lake City - Utah

Women of the World​

“We provide hope, support, supplies, education, and positivity to hundreds of women refugees and their families. While most still have a long way to go, it’s important to hear how far they have come”.

Salt Lake City - Utah


 “Opened its doors in 1977 with the mission of revitalizing neighborhoods and creating affordable housing by providing dynamic and creative leadership through partnerships with residents, youth, businesses, and government entities”.

Salt Lake City - Utah

Suazo Center

“We provide assistance to help existing and potential minority entrepreneurs succeed and build wealth.”